Peter is running for Cook County Treasurer to bring energy and innovation to the office; to implement and advance the values of transparency, social enterprise and reaching out with respect and dignity to fellow residents that are increasingly at-risk in these times.

Taxpayers have enough to deal with these days, particularly now as property taxes continue to rise. He will expand the duties of the Cook County Treasurer’s office to be the county’s Chief Financial Literacy Officer, so that all taxpayers can be informed about how they and their household are served by their tax dollars. As Cook County Treasurer, Peter will inform and empower taxpayers to more effectively advocate for better services and lower taxes — which are not mutually exclusive goals.

My wife, Karishma, and I live in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago with our one-year-old daughter, Reshma, and our rescue dog, Baloney. Learn more about Peter here.

I will be responsive to taxpayers and community leaders by regularly attending community meetings throughout Cook County. As the primary point of contact between most taxpayers and information on how tax dollars are spent, it is responsibility of the Cook County Treasurer to answer what are we getting for our taxes.

The Treasurer’s Office should be proactively explaining why Cook County needs to be investing in our communities with the most need and potential for growth. As Treasurer, I will work to find creative solutions to stop displacing vulnerable residents by punishing them with high interest rates after their property tax debt is auctioned.

Cook County residents deserve a Treasurer that is comfortable meeting with them to answer their questions and concerns. Being accessible and physically present throughout Cook County is an non-negotiable responsibility of the Cook County Treasurer.

Peter was honored to receive the endorsement of Run for Something. Run for Something is dedicated to developing the next generation of progressive leaders.

I believe the first step to a more transparent and responsive Treasurer’s office is a more detailed, itemized receipt about how our taxes are spent.

Read some of my ideas for transforming the Cook County Treasurer’s Office here.

Peter Gariepy for Cook County Treasurer August 14, 2017